“We get better at talking, precisely because we talk…”

“We get better at talking, precisely because we talk…” – Seth Godin says in his book Icarius Deception: How high will you fly?

This is only one small line from a book full of inspiration that crumbles walls and will have you believe you can fly.

It’s the line that resonated with me today.

I’ve wanted to do more writing for a while. I’ve wanted to use this platform to help motivate me into doing it. It seems like I always have ideas in mind but have found ways to put it off. I believe I will find a lot of joy in writing, although at this moment, it’s difficult just thinking about it. Why am I resisting? What am I afraid of?

2019 is the year I will challenge myself to overcome the resistance, fear, and procrastination that has held me back from letting my inner creative mind express myself.

As I write this, I find relief in acknowledging my struggle to write down words. I have embraced opportunities to learn about my inner psyche and taking action to better myself. I know it will be hard to stay consistent. I hear my words. I’m up for the challenge.

My vision is to be able to share my thoughts, ideas, life lessons and experiences. For you and myself. I have been lucky enough over the years to be blessed and surrounded by amazing beings that have taught me valuable lessons and created wonderful memories. I want to share stories that can bring light, love, laughter, and understanding among our friends, family, and community. I want to at the very least, try.

I’ll get better at writing, precisely because I will write.