Three + years later, and I’m still just all talk.

Back in January 2019, I posted “We get better at talking, precisely because we talk…”

It’s not like I’ve been doing nothing in my life. In fact, I may have learned more in the last few years than I have ever in the same period of time. I’m a pretty curious guy and like to get an idea of how things work. I ask a lot of questions and I look for answers. I’m looking forward to sharing them here!

Maybe that’s what I’ve been getting good at, instead of writing – as I publicly posted and shared back then. I ended up taking a different path. Or was it just me who found other ways to distract me from “not writing”. I’m still learning lots about myself.

Writing is only ONE of the things I want to get good at, but I know when I do, it will really make a big difference in my actualizing my goals of sharing my story. It’s my one important thing that has eluded my focus and hasn’t quite had that staying power to stay in my routine.

You see, I’ve gotten really good at my habits. I have a pretty kick-ass routine that’s helped me towards maximizing my days. At a few points over the last few years, I journaled. Daily pages – as in “The Artist Way” journalling. It felt good and I know how beneficial it is.

I can list a bunch of excuses for how my daily journalling habit fell through the cracks. I’m not sure what good that does. Well, I guess knowing how it happened can help me not let it happen again. I travelled a lot and of my daily routine, journalling was the one that I sacrificed. Even just the 15-30 minutes it took, I opted to put that towards something else.

Writing just didn’t feel as important. It’s so easy to just let something slip like that and not revisit it in time to really evaluate just how vital it is.

Well, I’m back. Let’s see what this round brings.

I want to say I’ll write here every day, but is that really a commitment I want to make??