STICKYBUDS & K+LAB ft. Kwadi – “Clap Ya Hands Now”

The last time STICKYBUDS and K+LAB got together the result was the ultra-funk devastator “Super Gravy.” Proving that first funkxperiment was no fluke, Canada’s keeper of the funk, Stickybuds and the intergalactic funk lord K+Lab are back with “Clap Your Hands,” another dance-floor banger that may indeed be too damned funky for this planet.

After teasing the track in his 2016 Fractal Forest set, Stickybuds has unleashed this monster upon the world, with the help of the good people of Westwood Recordings. A blistering rework the Meters‘ classic “Hand Clapping Song” – complete with shredding guitar, extra-wobbly bass and vocal work from silk-voiced Kwadi – “Clap Your Hands” is out just in time to blast away the remaining winter blahs and get the groovy masses ready for the seriously dance-heavy times of summer.

– Blake Morneau, Rags Music

Release Date: February 17, 2017 | Westwood Recordings



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