STICKYBUDS – Crooked Politicians

Lot of the shitty things going on in life can be hard to talk about, but someone has to start the fire to make things better.


“This is the debut single from my upcoming album “Take a Stand”, out later this year on Westwood Recordings.

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This song is about the influence of corporate lobbyists and the monetary corruption of our so called democracies. Not limited to any side of the political spectrum, our politicians and elected officials have sold us out.

This song was something I’ve wanted to write and produce for a long time, and I hope it speaks to you in some way. Massive thanks to Richard Kim for performing the lyrics with his unique fire.

Video by: Theo Robinson aka Think [Art x Design x Video] – Massive thanks to him for bringing my words and ideas to life in the visual medium. It was a pleasure to work with him. More to come from us in the future.

Watch for the full album out this summer!”

Stickybuds puts himself and his music out there to open ears, eyes, and minds to what’s going on.

We are living in a time of awakening and a revolution is happening. Rest assured this is one of many topics he’ll address in more songs to come. What won’t be missed is his top-notch production and taste for soulful grooves and sounds that will still make your body react and move.

Check out this video and stay tuned for a super diverse track list from one of the hardest working producers and good guys around.