Smalltown DJS – Bass Coast 2016

It was a rainy Bass Coast Friday night. I had just gone to camp to get my fat mask and heading back to the festivities when I spotted my friends Colleen and Sarah Jane walking back to their camp. I put my mask on and stood between them and said Hello. They politely said Hi back, but had no idea it was me under the mask! They played along with me for a bit until I revealed it was me all along 🙂

Colleen was going to bed, but I managed to twist Sarah Jane’s arm to go on an adventure with me. We ended up dancing the night away to Smalltown DJ’s as we pursued our mission of the night to find the softest fur we can rub up against. There was this guy who was holding this massive umbrella and was wearing a Ted (talking bear) costume. He “looked” pretty soft and furry . . . but unfortunately felt more like a wet dog, ha. Oh, how fun.

I love hanging out and partying with Sarah Jane. She and I have been having parallel experiences starting our own businesses and can relate to how busy things can get (check out Ugly Bunny!). So it’s extra special that I can be part of her ‘downtime’ and help her find some balance.

Well, now I’m going to have to talk Sarah Jane into going out in the field pissing rain and pet her dog Jimmy whilst bouncing to this: