When a west coast funk-master like SLYNK gets together with a serious basshead like UK’s WBBL the result is something at once smooth and punishing, wholly special.

“Get Busy” slides out the gate with Slynk’s signature glitchy disco only to give way to a pulsing, throbbing bass over a steady mid-tempo beat.

The open spaces where synths, horns and slap-bass licks reside give those bass throbs a beautiful extra impact that’s going to sound downright heavenly pounding out of those big festival sound systems this summer. These two Ghetto Funk veterans have put together an aggressively fun track to get every ass on the dance floor shaking at maximum thrust.

– Blake Morneau, Rags Music

Release Date: February 24, 2017 | Independent Release

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Behind the scenes look at these geniuses at work 😉

Blog Contributor – Track review by: Blake Morneau

Blake Morneau is freelance music journalist and professional avoider of adulthood, based in Victoria, B.C.. After writing a weekly column for the Martlet, independent newspaper in Victoria, Blake began writing for various other publications like Exclaim!. In 2014 he started Rags Music ( as a platform not bound by musical trends or genre constraints. His never-ending quest to find and devour all things funky takes him around B.C. And beyond throughout the year, bringing people his best finds. His goal is always GROOVE.

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