Q’AILA – Don’t Go (EP)

A little back story on how I know Q’Aila / Alicia … I met Q’Aila nearly a year ago. My buddy Evan (Slynk – DJ/Producer), my friend Kristin, and I were on our way to Vernon for a show where Evan was playing when we made a pitstop to meet her and her friend at a Tim Hortons. She had just been featured as Slynk’s vocalist on their track Delight Me from Slynk’s The Delighted People album. It was a pleasant meet up. She seemed like a sweet girl, but not nearly enough time to really get to know her. We were hoping she’d be able to make it to the show that night but sadly wasn’t able to.

A few months later, Evan/Slynk was playing in Kelowna and we invited her to come out. It was so nice to actually get to hang and get to know her at what apparently was her first ever club show (?). It was clear that art and music was her true passion. Oh, and cats, she really likes cats.

A few days later I convinced her to come hang out and Karaoke at my place. It was a wonderful treat to hear her sing for hours!

Alicia had such a remarkable range and way of expressing emotions with her voice. I felt I was listening to someone who is going to do amazing things with music.

I’ve kept up with her journey of following her passion over the past short few months and I’m excited to see her just straight up get things done!! It came as no surprise when she announced the release of her EP “Don’t Go” that she also entirely wrote and produced it herself.

Q’Aila is a beautiful young talent who we will all see quickly blossom – she is just getting started …

I’m personally loving All This Way, Used To, and Don’t Go. Have a listen and tell me what your favourites are in the comments below.