One Big Table shop local. everyday. at one big table.

Meet Giulio and Christian. Kelowna local crusaders on a mission to feed the soul and bellies of this wonderful place I proudly now call home.

I’ve known Giulio for nearly a decade. We’ve lived together for a couple of those. Both of us finding our paths to what we were passionate about, we learned and supported each other. I’m so very proud of what he has accomplished over the last few years at One Big Table and I’m excited to see him partner up with the very charming and capable Christian Brandt (who also runs OGO Carshare Co-op) on this amazing project.

I’m constantly inspired and motivated by these fine gentlemen to be more aware, eat healthier, and respect community.

“At One Big Table, we wish to redefine the grocery experience by providing seasonal fruits and vegetables, free-range meats and eggs, artisan cheeses & breads to our community on a day to day basis. We are creating a project, owned and governed by member-shoppers and rooted in principles like community, economic participation (voting with your dollars i you wish) and cooperation. Designed to serve and benefit our community. Now we need Your Help.”

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