NEON STEVE – Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix 2016

A slew of Shambhala Fractal Forest Mix 2016 has been release the last couple of months – Neon Steve is now out!

I actually missed Steve at the Fractal Forest this year. Stoked for all the mixes coming out so we can relive or enjoy them for the first time! I gotta say it’s pretty cool to hear such a different type of set from his Bass Coast 2016 Set.

It’s been great watching this fine chap keep his baby face doing his thing over the years. Not bad for a vegetarian 😉 or a raw vegan? I don’t know what he eats or doesn’t eat, but he’s got a sickening healthy diet 😉 and he sure does love his kombucha! Definitely inspiring to see someone in the scene take care of himself the way he does. I’ll have to pick his brain some more on this if I’m gonna get that six pack.

Listen to Steve bring the house down:

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Oh… special congratulations and best wishes to Steve and his wonderful lady, Carly on their recent engagement. You two are just the cutest!!

In case ^ that got you in a romantic mood, check out Pleasantations Vol. 5 😀