Keystone Habits – My morning routine

Check out this video from YouTube Channel – Improvement Pill.

A couple of years ago I made a decision to make good habits. Here’s my blog on “How I started my daily habit of meditating”

Today, my morning habits include:

(3 Keystone Habits mentioned in the video)

1) Meditation – As soon as I wake up, I pretty much start my day with a 10 minute guided meditation.

2) Fitness – I started with 10 push-ups and now up to 30+ (just 1 set). I also do boat poses, crunches, leg lifts to work on that elusive six pack I’ve been dreaming!

3) Audible Books / Learning – I know it’s not exactly reading, but this has worked best with my current lifestyle. I spend 15-20 minutes listening to Audible books. Currently do 5 minutes each of: 4-hour work week (Tim Ferris), Icarus Deception (Seth Godin), Relentless (Tim S. Grover)

+ I also do:

4) Affirmations – I do this while I’m brushing my teeth in front of the mirror. Mainly short one/two-word affirmations to trigger how I want to live my life or want to see in myself. eg. Honest, humble, respectful, resourceful, relentless, good with money, student, teacher, philosopher, confident … etc.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar / Pills – I take supplements and drink ACV. So much more I want to say about ACV, which I’ll save for another post. I also take Vitamin C and D daily.

These 5 things are part of my daily life now and help me get my day going. Its accumulative effect is evident to me. This is the healthiest and most focus I’ve ever felt. Life is not without its challenges, but I can proudly say that I am able to handle them with more confidence, tools, and energy.

While I know I can improve on the above by doing more sets, longer meditation and learning, I am so grateful to be doing them at all. I’ve learned to be OK and accept that this is just what I’m ready for right now. This has helped keep the habits consistent.

Find that one Keystone habit and start easy. It will change your life.