Kelowna Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016 goes to Rachel Clarida of Hatch Interior Design

Super proud of this amazing woman and friend of mine – Rachel Clarida – who was recently awarded the Kelowna Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. It’s wonderful seeing her do incredible work and getting all the accolades and respect she deserves.

Her energy is contagious and spirit is inspiring. Most importantly, she makes delicious cake 😉 For real though, check out Hatch Design website and see for yourself how cool and creative this lady and her team are. Rachel’s vibrant and fun energy matches perfectly with her creative intelligence that results in some pretty amazing designs.

Workspace and living environment play such an important role in our well being and productivity. Take some time to evaluate what your space is like right now.

Congrats Rachel! Keep doing what you do!!

More pics of the night

Complete List of 2016 Winners:


Here’s her nomination video:

here’s a glance of a few Hatch Design Photos! for a better look, go to