JPOD – “BONGO BONG – Manu Chao – JPOD Remix”

Canada’s reigning king of glitch-funk, JPOD the Beat Chef, comes both smooth and dirty on his remix of legend Manu Chao’s unflinching classic “Bongo Bong.” Remixing a true classic, of any genre, is a tricky task – it requires respect and deference to the source material but a willingness to add new ideas – and your boy JPOD is evidently a perfect match for the powerful reggae gem. There’s a heaviness to the track that will give it time and space on any dancefloor, as well as a gentleness that makes it perfect for a private headphone session. The down-low, earthy glitch and swelling bass lines are a perfect compliment to Chao’s strong, celebratory lyrics and performance.

– Blake Morneau, Rags Music

Release Date: January 18, 2017 | Free Download

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Blog Contributor – Blake Morneau

Blake Morneau is freelance music journalist and professional avoider of adulthood, based in Victoria, B.C.. After writing a weekly column for the Martlet, independent newspaper in Victoria, Blake began writing for various other publications like Exclaim!. In 2014 he started Rags Music ( as a platform not bound by musical trends or genre constraints. His never-ending quest to find and devour all things funky takes him around B.C. And beyond throughout the year, bringing people his best finds. His goal is always GROOVE.

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