Watching DR. STRANGE is like 2 notches off from taking DMT

Last week I talked a few peeps into seeing the latest Marvel epic flick Dr. Strange with me.

I love watching movies and I was particularly excited for this after seeing a couple of the trailers. There’s nothing like a mind blowing, action packed, sci-fi fantasy when you’re recovering from a night of partying at a Stickybuds and WBBL show.

The last movie I saw twice in the theatre was Avatar (3D). I’m looking forward to seeing Dr. Strange again! The special effects were as crazy as Avatar was when it first came out. I hate giving away too much so won’t say much more. I like it when you guys go see things for yourself. The secret to maximizing your enjoyment is to have no expectations.

I’m not a super fan of 3D movies, but If there’s a movie you gotta see in 3D – it’s this one! It’s probably as close to you feeling like you’ve just taken a hit of acid or eaten a chocolate mushroom without having any of it at all 🙂 A friend of mind said it felt like “it was 2 notches off from doing DMT”. I know, it’s different for everyone … but I’d love to hear what you think of it when you’ve seen it – on and off DMT, LSD or mushrooms 😉

Marvel does such a cool job of making their movies fun and the characters likeable. I think they do a great job on the screenplay and story line. Simple enough that plots and ideas don’t fall through the cracks and complex enough that it gets the wheels on your mind turning to try and connect the whole Marvel universe.

MOVIES are fun. So much work goes into it! For the last 20 (more or less) years I’ve gone to see movies in the theatre, I’ve made it a point to stay to the very end of the credits. Some of my friends hated that I’d make them wait, ha. Then movies started to add teasers at the end, so that made me even more resolved in waiting to the very end!

I’d sit there reading all the names. It’s just my way of paying respect to all the hard work that was put into it AND all the skills that all those people involved have learned and practice for years. To me it’s inspiring. I actually feel pride for them and their accomplishment.

check out this trailer and tell me you don’t want to watch this movie!

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Strange in the theatre – in 3D! It’s super cool and entertaining.

Oh, and Stay till the VERY END of the credits. Check out just how many peeps worked on the film. The talent. The passion. The number of hours they put into making the film. It really is pretty awesome. Plus – You’ll get a couple of bonus snippet teasers!

Also – You may find yourself trying to use Quigong after the movie! I tried very hard to conjure up a whole cake but was evident I needed a lot more practice… and understanding that Quigong has better use than making cake – but whatever, I’ll still definitely be looking into it 🙂

Just watched this – I’m going to give it a try and find out more! What do you know about Quigong?