BASS COAST 2017 – Tickets on Sale – October 24th, 2016 !

STAY TUNED ! BASS COAST TICKETS are on sale October 24th!

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“Bass Coast Festival is an independent international exhibition of electronic music and art. Founded in 2007 by Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson, the artist owned and operated event is a distinguished platform for Canadian artists and a springboard for up-and-coming international talent.

The natural beauty of British Columbia is a quintessential element of the Bass Coast experience. Our festival site, located outside the city of Merritt, in the picturesque Nicola Valley, invites attendees to be present with nature.

Bass Coast prides itself in being an inclusive gathering that brings together people from diverse backgrounds and inspires them to participate to the fullest. We invite you to collaborate with us on the 9th edition of Bass Coast Festival, July 7-10, 2017.”

Wow, the shenanigans we’ve had at Bass Coast. 2017 will by my 7th year in a row (first one was 2010! when it was still in Squamish, BC). Since 2013, they have moved the festival site to Merritt, BC.

When I first heard about Bass Coast, I was told it was organized by mainly women. From my first time attending, I still personally feel a strong, sweet, classy feminine energy and connection to what has become one of my favourite festivals. I have such mad respect for Andrea, Liz and their crew who have developed this unique event that stands on solid foundations of their own beliefs.

I appreciate all the steps they are taking educating their community. PLEASE Check out their Harm Reduction page.

I LOVE seeing this festival grow and very excited to support and be part of it’s ongoing community.

WARNING: This event was SOLD OUT in 2016, so get on this for 2017 !!

They’ve just updated their website, and it’s fantastic!! GO check it! UPDATED KICKASS BASS COAST WEBSITE!

Here are a few of my favourite snaps over the years.

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