My name is Tomas Avendano, and this is my personal web-blog project consisting of videos, articles, links to “finding danio” topics > simplify | breathe | Love | passion | balance.

My goal and intention is to share what I learn and do in pursuit of a balance way of life with not only with the artists I manage thru DANIO MANAGEMENT, but also with friends and anyone who seek the same.

By sharing my personal experiences, I hope to bring awareness to my community of friends that choosing to work on ones self, practice self-care, and true acceptance of self-love are gifts that will help us LIVE fully in joy.

FINDING DANIO is an evolving, life artist, holistic, media project.

When I first started DANIO MANAGEMENT, I had intended to blog my journey through photographs and video interviews of friends and people who have inspired me whilst sharing their stories and passion. Through their stories, my hope is to broaden and open the eyes of friends young and old to see their own potential. I’m excited to add to my initial ideas and develop this project into something I believe can add some light to our daily lives.

In addition to my own experiences, I will be looking into what some of my friends and associates are doing and share them with you – and at times have them directly share with you.

My life may not be defined perfect by others who have different beliefs and expectations, but today, I live in more bliss than I ever have. Imperfect as I strive to accept what IS. Facing challenges as they come and knowing that life is unfolding exactly as it should be.

I did not always feel this way. I have had my own trials and tribulations. I have chosen a path to embark on a personal journey in finding happiness. Through reading and putting myself in an open honest environment, one of the most important lesson I would learn would be that I am not alone. Surrounded with friends who are in their own path and journey, I observed and was inspired. Life experiences are the best tools to learn.

There is an unconsciousness within us that needs to be awaken. Many will go through their own lives not having as much opportunity for an awakening. Sometimes all it takes is that one moment for us to be inspired. To continue on that path we must surround ourselves with positivity and love in order to allow ourselves to let go of that fear and express what we truly are inside.

This is my ongoing journey…

~ Tomas


These are my intentions and objectives:

* To live simply with passion, love, and balance . . . one breath at a time.

* To openly continue to evolve and share knowledge.

* To support artists by giving them an opportunity to focus their time and efforts on their craft by providing them with personal and business management, all the while pursuing to remain aware of the following:

simplify | breathe | love | passion | balance

| simplify |
too often we have the tendency to complicate, but when we bear down to the basics and keep things simple we achieve a sense of openness within and accomplish what seems impossible

| breathe |
the mere act of taking a breath takes us into the moment, living in the now. it is very easy to lose sight of that awareness when one gets caught up in the distractions of what goes on in the daily bustles of life

| love |
unconditional love is the essence of pure bliss and happiness

| passion |
the act of pursuing to express one’s artistic passion in whatever medium is an incomparable motivation which I support wholeheartedly

| balance |
striving to maintain a balance in all aspects is key to continued success and happiness